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Lilac Terrace

Offering affordable housing & support for seniors

The Lilac Room

The Lilac Room and the palliative care program were designed to allow people living in the community an opportunity to remain close to home where they are nearer to family and friends, away from a hospital setting.

Those choosing to palliate at home may not have adequate space or facilities for the equipment that may be needed. The Lilac Room can become your home for those last days. There are accommodations for family to stay and be comfortable while caring for their loved one.

As it would be in your home, there is not twenty-four hour care available. Home support services are provided through a partnership with Interior Health Authority. The Care Aides are employees of Lilac Terrace and will provide compassion while respecting your dignity and privacy. Community Home Nursing will also visit patients who are in the Lilac Room.

In order to access the room a patient must be on the Palliative Care Program as ordered by their family doctor.

The patient will go through an assessment with a community nurse to determine whether or not Lilac Terrace can accommodate their needs. Once accepted arrangements will be made for use of the room.

The Lilac Room has been furnished through generous donations from the community as well as the RDEK Area A. The furniture and equipment consist of:

  • bariatric hospital bed with an alternating "micro" low air loss mattress replacement system, used to effectively manage bedsores and pain
  • overhead lift to assist those who may be immobile or experiencing weakness
  • wheelchair accessible shower with wheel in commode chair
  • towels and facecloths
  • bedding available(you are welcome to bring your own personal items)
  • shelving unit for personal displays
  • kitchenette
  • sofa bed
  • lift chair
  • television with cable

This Palliative Care Program operates solely through donations. This helps to make the program available to everyone regardless of financial circumstances.

Our commitment is to provide the very best care combined with understanding and compassion. Our hope is that families that are impacted by our program, along with the communities we serve will help to keep the program available at Lilac Terrace.

Donations large or small help to improve and expand the services and equipment that are available. Here are a few examples of what your donation can do:

  • provide specialized nursing care by a team of professional nurses and care aides
  • respite for caregivers
  • a home-like setting built to enhance your comfort and accommodate your loved ones so that they may be at the bedside
  • a bariatric tilting shower commode which provides a more comfortable experience for those who have difficulty being upright.

There is also the ongoing operation of the Lilac Room and replacement of existing furniture and equipment, utilities, insurance etc...